VioGemini at Bridal Fair at Hilton Hotel in Fremont, CA.

Last Sunday was a quite busy day for VioGemini team.
We participated in a Bridal Fair organized by Bay Area Wedding Fairs.
It took place in Hilton hotel in Fremont.
We had so many brides interested in our products that we didn’t even have time to see the fashion show !

I want to share with you some pictures of our booth .

Getting ready for the show…1891253_10203461192589942_2056109450_n
We were so lucky to get this placement! We got two huge tables so we could display all our products. This is the first table set-up. Here we showcased our accessories collections.

Second table – with bridal garters, sashes, headbands, head-pieces and shoe-clips.
And our mannequin with bridal gown that sparked a lot of interest.


Newly engaged ladies really liked the idea of having all their accessories match their wedding color and theme. And they loved this cornflower blue accessories set.

This bridal bouquet was the one that the brides loved the most. So simple and so elegant, with silver and pewter beaded holder. It looks so light and airy, so when they took it in their hands they were quite surprised to find out that it is actually heavy!

1622749_795730273775231_892573958_nGolden and Champagne theme.  It was also very popular among the future brides. The bouquet with antique Tussy-Mussy holder is also quite heavy. It is not recommended for tossing – you don’t want to kill anyone at your wedding!

White lace and wine colors. Everybody loved this garter set, made with organza ruffles, crystal embellishments and dark burgundy brooches.

Teal collection. Perfect for a wedding on a beach!
Blush and peach colors are so romantic, perfect for a spring outdoors wedding. The wedding ring pillow with little love-birds on the nest was definitely a show-stopper. Bridal sash made with handmade flowers also had a lot of success!
Dusty pink or ” vieux rose” for a vintage inspired wedding.
Our future brides loved the idea that they can just show us their Pinterest board and we will design all the accessories for them and their party, isn’t this cool?
I would have loved that someone would take care of me like that when I was the bride!

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