Bridal gown for Georgianne

When Georgianne modeled for me at my very first fashion show in San Francisco in 2011 – I knew that some day I was going to make her her wedding dress!

VioGemini bridal gownVioGemini bridal gownVioGemini bridal gownIt was the fashion show with RAW ARTISTS in San Francisco in June 2011 at 111 Minna.

I hadn’t met any of my models and I was not able to fit the dresses on them prior to the show.

You can imagine that I was quite worried about this situation and especially about the fit of my newest dress APHRODITE…

When Georgianne walked into the make-up room I knew that she was going to rock this dress!

Just look at these pictures!

Georgianne modeled for me many times since then – always gorgeous and radiant!

And when my dear Georgy asked me to make her dream wedding dress for her I was incredibly happy to finally be able to use all my creativity and skills to make her wish come true!

Georgianne was a perfect Bride-to-be.
She talked to me about her wedding theme, her favorite colors and showed me inspirations for her bridal gown.

The wedding was going to take place at Cabo in October 2013.

And so, I designed a bridal  gown with lace overlay and mermaid shape skirt, although I was not yet sure how I was going to create the texture on the skirt.

Well, the dress in this picture is NOT her wedding dress 🙂 This one is the dress from that fashion show in 2011.

One very important feature of the new wedding dress is that it was going to be


Want to see the dress?
I will show you the process of making the dress in my next couple of blogs. Don’t forget to follow us!

Bridal gown and hair accessory by VioGemini
Photography by Wild Plum Photography
and JAMPhotos
Hair by Designs By Sandra

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