1920’s wedding gown reconstruction.

1920’s wedding gown reconstruction follow-up!

005Circle skirt is going to be pinned to the bodice with a v-shaped dropped waistline. I find it easier to do it on a dress-form rather than try to draft the exact seam curve on paper.

007Side panels were added because the dress was about 2 sizes too small.  Armholes will need facing, I will use left-over fabric from the skirt.

1920'S DRESS RECONSTRUCTIONAfter the skirt was attached to the bodice I set in the invisible zipper.

046Hand-stitching the rhinestone and pearl trim to cover the seam at waistline and create a beautiful sash-like embellishment.

049Finished zipper and armhole facing.  Now need to hem the skirt and the lining and it’s done!

047Finished dress!

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