1920’s wedding gown

I recently received a call from a friend announcing that he was going to get married. Congratulations! His lovely fiancee wished to have her grandma’s 1920’s wedding gown to be re-constructed so that she could wear it for her wedding.

Despite my very busy schedule I said YES! I love this kind of projects!
Here is the dress. It was made with silky satin of a very light baby maize color.

bridal gown reconstructed revived ViogeminiGORGEOUS DRESS! Long skirt gathered at the dropped waist-line has a long train.

The dress had been stored in the attic in a simple box, unfortunately the skirt is too dirty now and can’t be saved.  207Short dropped sleeve, tiny convertible collar. Front closure is made with rat-tail cord loops and fabric covered buttons.

1920's bridal gown reconstructed and revived by Violetta Vieux  ViogeminiButtons are very old need to be changed. Luckily the dress has long gloves with lots of similar buttons, they look a little bit cleaner, hopefully I will be able to use them. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the gloves.

1920's bridal gown reconstructed and revived by Violetta Vieux  Viogemini19Lapped zipper on the let side.

1920's bridal gown reconstructed and revived by Violetta Vieux  Viogemini20The dropped waist-line seam is decorated with piping.

bridal gown reconstructed revived Viogemin6Delicate embroidery made with tiny ivory beads decorates the sleeves and the collar.

1920's bridal gown reconstructed and revived by Violetta Vieux  Viogemini221920's bridal gown reconstructed and revived by Violetta Vieux  Viogemini23The skirt is bustled in the back,  on one side the stitching is undone. At first I thought that the dress was supposed to be asymmetrical, but when I looked closer I could see the holes from stitches.

bridal gown reconstructed revived Viogemin2I love the hourglass silhouette of this dress! The waistline is very cinched, while the shoulders and hips are padded to emphasize the Taille-de-gueppe.

Pictures of the deconstructed dress will follow in my next blog.
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