This is such an interesting article about tossing garters!

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

And You Thought We Were Hot?

I’ve been around weddings long enough to see the popularity of some traditions wax and wane, and maybe none more than that innocently outrageous ceremony when the groom disappears under the bride’s dress for what seems like way more than enough time to find a little bit of elastic and fabric wrapped around one of her legs.  The crowd goes wild, hooting and hollering encouragement while the bride’s face turns a lovely shade of fuschia (matching her flowers?).  Finally the groom resurfaces to thunderous applause and congratulations (was it really that much of a challenge to get it past her ankle?), only to chuck the garter in the direction of all the reluctant single guys lined up at the other end of the room.  I’ve seen plenty of garters fall to the floor with the unattached guys keeping their hands in their pockets or…

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