SOMETHING BLUE Wedding bouquet

Looking for SOMETHING BLUE for your wedding? Forget-Me-Not handmade wedding bouquet will be perfect !

Each flower is made with high quality satin fabric of blue color and darker blue mesh lace. Every petal is hand-cut and is carefully stitched to felt backing.
Each flower has different embellishment in the center -large faux pearls, rhinestone and pearl embroidery, crystals, rhinestone buttons, vintage freshwater pearls.
Aqua color crystals on wire branches adorn the bouquet. The bouquet is decorated with a statement large vintage crystal brooch with a dangling tear-drop shape crystal.

The stems are decorated with a satin ribbon bow with a heart shape rhinestone buckle and rhinestones adorn the bottom of the bouquet.

The bouquet is 6 inches across and is 11 inches long ( 15 X 27 cm)


About VioGemini

Fashion designer
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2 Responses to SOMETHING BLUE Wedding bouquet

  1. ladytabbz says:

    So gorgeous! Did you make this yourself, and is it available for purchase?

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